The Glory of the Church of England

Is there a Church like it?

The English love it and imagine they made it!

It’s Archbishop ranks with Pope and Patriarchs.

Puritans and gay activists find cover under its wings.

Feminists and Romanists contend within it.

Christian atheists love its liturgy.

Evangelicals use it to fish for souls.

Charismatics dance down its aisles.

Few churches worldwide get the headlines the Church of England gets – even if they embarrass and shame us!

It calls itself ‘the ancient church of this land, catholic and reformed’, not Roman Catholic or Protestant but a middle way true to the faith of the church through the ages.

Is there a church like it, welcoming honest seekers after truth and the Truth that seeks us in Jesus? Liturgical beauty, community care and  thoughtful engagement with a fast changing world?

Long live the Church of England!

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