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Genealogical research is a very popular use of the internet. You do it because deep down you want to know something about how and where you belong.

I do it because I am a Twisleton.  This is easier than being a Brown or a Smith when it comes to trawling through the volumes at the Family Record Centre. The name is an advantage here. Its frequent misspellings are a balancing debit. With an E mail address like you can be sure you will miss out on electronic mail since no two people copy Twisleton the same.

Genealogy is a science of names and dates. It is a veritable jig saw puzzle with so many pieces missing you wonder at people’s persistence.  Since the puzzle has you yourself and those dear to you as the pieces you do persist.

Many names tell a story about the way the land lies. Twisleton is such a name. The word means a settlement (old English: ‘tun’) on either a fork in a river (‘twisla’) or a boundary (Scandinavian: ‘twistle’).

There is no settlement surviving called Twisleton but a quick browse of the name on the internet demonstrates its association to this day with so-called Twisleton Scars. These are part of the descent towards Ingleton from Whernside, the highest of the Three Peaks in the Yorkshire Dales, near to the Lancashire border. One other claimant to the Twisleton homeland isTwiston, possibly abbreviated from Twisleton, a few miles on the other side of the Lancashire border near Blackburn.

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